Feasibility Services

Feasibility Services

What is Feasibility at CLAUSE? It is a a Productive Feasibility

Would you like to have qualitative, quick, productive, accurate reliable selection of the sites?

In Clause we have our own database of clinical sites and Investigators. This database is being formed on the results of our cooperation with the clinical sites and study staff, and is regularly updated. 

Therefore we know what we can really expect from each concrete clinical site and how many patients this site can really enroll. 

We know that correctly and properly chosen clinical sites is the foundation of uccessfully conducted Study. 

You can be sure that we will identify and select the best sites for your study and will assist them in their needs at each stage of a project.

Feasibility Services

  •  Development of feasibility questionnaires
  •  Site identification, selection and qualification
  •  GCP training for study personnel

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